The bald or thinning area where hair grafts or plugs a transplanted.


A chemical process by which the hair is permanently straightened. New-growth areas have to be maintained via ’touch-ups’ to continue the straightened pattern. A relaxer penetrates the cortex and breaking the hairs’ natural chemical bonds which originally caused it to be curly. Once these chemical bonds are broken, they can not be repaired so the hair is unable to return to its natural state. 


To chemically straighten the hair to gently smooth out curl, reduce frizz, or create a straight style. 


Refers to human hair (usually Indian in origin) which has been harvested from root to end, with all of the cuticle going in the same direction. It is different from Virgin hair as it may be colored or permed, but has not had the cuticle removed. It is generally soft and silky, and is used in making higher quality wigs, extensions, and hair systems. 


Stops or opposes treatment. 


Retinoic Acid, compound that is often used to improve the appearance and texture of the skin. 


The brand name for minoxidil. A topical hair growth solution for hair loss. 


Also known as Acne Rosacea or Adult Acne. A disorder involving chronic inflammation of the cheeks, nose, chin, forehead or eyelids. It may cause redness, vascularity, swelling or hyperplasia (increase size of tissue) or skin eruptions. (rosecea, roasacea, rosasea, rosesea, rosacia, rosecia)


A Rough Blow Dry is just to remove the moisture from wet hair, i.e. just to dry the hair without styling. To try and style your hair whilst trying to blow it dry from wet can take ages, so rough blow dry your hair and then worry about the style.