"Thinning hair affects more than eight million women in the UK, yet it is still considered a taboo subject" Guy Parsons, My Hair Doctor.

60% of women and 80% of men experience some form of hair loss in their lives.

According to research, the value of the UK's woman's haircare market will reach a whopping £1.7 billion by 2020.

46% of women suffer anxiety with hair thinning but only a quarter of those will act upon it.

The five most common hair complaints are:
1. Thinning
2. Greying
3. Brittle
4. Dry
5. Colour fade

There is a strong realisation that good haircare starts with the scalp

Over one third of woman experience hair loss after menopause.

Over 75% of woman are terrified of the hairdresser.

: Swish solution – The best way to maintain smooth hair long term is still the permanent blow dry, because it uses natural keratin and glycolic acid to reduce frizz. Results last around three months.

: Ponytail seems finer today? Swedish scientists have discovered that we grow more hair in the summer to protect our scalps from the sun, but come Autumn it starts to shed. You may have a little less mane, but you’ve got to look after what you’ve got.

: Food for thought. What you eat has an impact on your hair. Amino acid L- cysteine builds keratin, the protein responsible for healthy tresses. Its found naturally in egg yolks, and eating two eggs a day will deliver your 500mg RDA. Not a fan? Supplement your intake with My Hairdoctor Hair and Skin Nutritional supplement .Hair also loves omega fatty acids, which boost hydration. Find them in oily fish, avocados and olive oil.

About one in 50 women will develop hypothyroidism.

Take the Plait Test

Is your hair stressed and prone to breakage? Here's a surefire way to tell in seconds. braid your locks and take a good look. hair that's healthy and strong should be roughly the same thickness all the way down (depending on your layers, of course). Plaits that lessen into a wispy finish show your hair has been subject to stress, so it's time to adopt some textual healing.

Top Tip:

Don't have time for a full blow-dry ? Try the "baked bun". Rough dry hair around 95%, this tightly into a low bun. blast on th highest heat for three minutes using a diffuser. Then some minutes later when the hair is cool, let it down and release for loose waves...Voila!

Body Tricks:

Mix your tones - applying light and dark shades instantly adds dimension. Darker tones in blonde hair will make the lighter tones stand out, while multiple lighter tones framing the face give the illusion of thicker hair.

To Be Blunt....

A blunt style with a shaggy fringe gives an overall thicker appearance, and fewer layers will make ends look more substantial. Also get air into your hair by styling it with a big round brush, lifting as you blow-dry .