Volume-ise/ Hairfood

My Hair Doctor Volume-Ise collection is very special team of products that combat hair thinning, hair reduction and post menopausal hair loss, delivering a complete solution for anyone suffering from anything from fine limp hair to chronic thinning or post alopecia hair loss.

The range has an anti-ageing Botanical Complex featuring Gingko Biloba and Kigelia Africana which inhibit hair loss and thinning whilst improving scalp condition allowing healthly hair growth. The range is a 5 step long term solution to hair loss. Shampoo that promotes volume and scalp health. Conditioner that builds body and enhance the feel of the hair. HairFood Growth Booster that stimulates growth and promotes volume and HairFood Nutritional Supplement that contains a powerful cocktail of essential nutrients like B Vitamins, Collagen and Zinc which are essential for hair, skin and nail growth.

Try the whole range to Volume-Ise


Scalp Health

My Hair Doctor Scalp Health collection is the perfect solution for dry, itchy, flaky and sensitive scalps. Enhanced with Thyme Oil, Chamomile and comfrey; natural ingredients known for their anti-inflamatory properties, and a Heat/Cool system that promotes scalp micro-circulation The range has an anti-ageing Botanical Complex that contains Bilberry, Sugar Cane, Sugar Maple, Orange and Lemon. Shampoo that calms and repairs, Conditioner that cools sensitive scalps and softens hair, a wonderful Exfoliator that stimulates skin cell renewal and removes scalp build up and debris, and a Soothing Spray that relieves irritation and calms and normalises your scalp. Try the whole range for perfect hair and Scalp Health.


Colour Protection

My Hair Doctor Colour Protection collection revives and restores colour treated hair with fabulous ingredients such as Shea butters, Argan and Jojoba oils that give radiance and repair. The range has an anti-ageing Botanical Complex of Blue Lupin and Green Tea improve hair condition and colour by reducing colour fade. Shampoo that preserves and protects, Conditioner that nourishes and nurtures. Mask Intense that moisturises and maintains. Keraplex which is a wonder product that repairs and revitalises and Liquid Gold Hydrating Oil that softens, strengthens and restores shine and smoothes. Try the whole range for the ultimate Colour Protection.



My Hair Doctor Re-Hydrate collection is a powerhouse of natural ingredients such as Baobab oil and sea Buckthorne, as well as omega fatty acids and vitamins to transform and re- hydrate the driest of hair. The range has an anti-ageing Botanical Complex that contains Cocoa Butter, Argan Oil and oat humectants that draw water to the inner sanctum of the hair. Shampoo that smoothes and softens. Conditioner that rapidly delivers moisture and manageability, and a wonderful Mask Intense that restores and revitalises the driest of hair. Try the whole range for total hair Re-Hydration.



My Hair Doctor Everyday collection ensures that even daily-washed hair is nourished and nurtured with natural ingredients such as Jojoba and Babassu Oils that impart softness and strength. The range has an anti-ageing Botanical Complex of Vitamin E and Guar Gums that ensure softness and strength to all hair types. Shampoo that carefully cleanses, Conditioner that imparts softness and shine. Sea Mist that gives beachy texture and body, Curl Crème that defines curls and de-frizzes and a De-Tangle & Style Spray that protects and plumps. Try the whole range for use Everyday.