The Barnes Test

You can perform your own assessment of your thyroid function by doing the barnes test. Before you get up in the morning, put a mercury thermometer in the your armpit when you wake and leave it there for 10 mintues. Normal body temperature in the morning is 36.6C - 36.8C. A temperature of 36.4C or less strongly suggests your thyroid is underactive.

Adding Product To Your Hair - How Much Is Enough?

We always recommend adding a ;little product at a time, the philosophy is that it is much easier to add than it is to take away!

For oils - use the size of an i phone button

For serums - the size of a blueberry

For conditioner - the size of a connect 4 piece (remember them!)

Take The Plait Test

Is your hair stressed and prone to breakage? Here's a surefire way tot ell in seconds. Braid your locks and take a good look. Hair that's healthy and strong should be roughly the same thickness all the way down (depending on layers of course). Plaits that lessen into a wispy finish show your hair has been subject to stress, so its time to adopt some textual healing.

The Vital Ingredients

These hair hero foods do just a much for your hair as they do for your diet...


Stimulate follicles and prolong their life cycle for a thicker, fuller mane


Contain all eight essential amino acids to help rep[air and smooth damaged locks


Contains Tyrosine (the amino acid responsible for the colour of your hair and skin) to help maintain vibrant tresses


Has natrual cleansers called saponins to gently remove excess dirt and oil without stripping the hair and scalp

Green Tea

Is rich in Vitamin E and C for super-shiny, healthy hair.

The Perfect Hair Diet

Although we're all born with a set of number of hair follicles and there is nothing changing that ,how you eat can cause them to fall asleep and stop producing new hairs.He has three firm rules for ultimate thick and shiny tresses....

1 - Eating less then 1500 calories per day is hair Kryptonite, and you'll need to add supplements to your diet to avoid serious hair loss

2 - Vegetarians need to eat more dark, leafy greens such as spinach and kale

3 - The ultimate hair diet is 5- 6 dates, an almond and some ground nuts everyday

Top Tip

Don't have time for a full blow dry ? Try the baked bun '. rough dry hair around 95 per cent , twist tightly into a low bun.Blast on the highest heat for three minutes using a diffuser. When the hair feels cool , release from the bun for loose waves

Mix Your Tones

Applying light and dark shades instantly adds dimension. Darker tones in blonde hair will make the lighter tones stand out , while multiple lighter tones framing the face give the illusion of thicker hair

Don't Layer

If you're concerned about the thickness of your hair , avoid layering because it reduces fullness. Also ask your stylist not to lift your hair as they cut , but to leave it downwards instead, as lifting lessens thickness.

The Tong Secret

For great root volume , take sections of hair roughly 3-4 cm wide and 1-2 thick. Apply your heated tongs near the roots of each section , being careful not to get to close to the scalp ,and leave them for 3- 4 seconds to create a hair bend or 'root bump. This creates lift. Before you do anything else wait for the hair to cool down so the root bump sets in place.

Keep It Blunt

A blunt style with a shaggy fringe gives a overall thicker appearance, and a fewer layers will make ends look more substantial. Also get air into your hair by styling big round brush lifting as you blow dry